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    Video (M2T file format) playback problem

      I am writing this to seek your help about playing back my digitally recorded video of animal behavior on a PC. I have a really large (309 gigabyte) video file in M2T format (24-hour video recording of animal behavior). For the purpose of my analysis, I would like to play it back at least eight times faster.

      I have tried to play back my video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. I load the video clip in source window, go to the Clip menu and set the speed at 800% (i.e., 8x) faster, and then start playing it.

      My problem is: it plays fine in the beginning (for the first 20 sec), then it starts skipping frames, resulting in a choppy playback. And then it completely freezes up, forcing me to restart my computer. When I play back the clip at 4x or even at normal speed (1x), it plays fine initially but it completely freezes up within two minutes.

      My computers system properties are as follows:
      Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Version 2002)
      Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Quad CPU
      2.83 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM

      In this situation, could you please advise me how to fix the problem?

      Thank you,