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    Stream DeMuxed Video Media Pending Issue

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      I'm extracting portions of a client's DVD video for re-use in another of this client's project.

      Initially, I used DVD Decrypter to create a VOB of the chapter he requested, renamed it to MPEG and plays properly in Windows Media Player Classic.

      Imported that into Premiere CS3 and it did nothing but Media Pending for hours.

      The next day, I re ripped the same chapter with stream decoding. I made separate .m2v file for video and an .ac3 stream, which I converted to wav with HeadAC3.

      I figured this time it would work. But alas, I loaded it into CS3, waited with hope as it 'indexed' video file, and then sat there in dismay as Media Pending screens stared back at me.

      Upon looking at the properties of the video file, Premiere thinks it's 1 second in length, when in reality it is over 26 mins in length.

      Just as a sanity check, I went to another workstation that also runs CS3 and copied the video clip there. But the results were the same after "indexing" process finished.

      Is it my wrong assumption that Premiere can handle MPEG2 video? I was under the (apparently false) assumption that it could.