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    multicamera and audio suggestions


      I have two cameras recording of an event. I have a separate audio recorded from someone else that I would like to incorporate in the final multicamera editing. What is the best work flow for this? In other words, I don't want the audio from the cameras. I want to use the audio from the separate recording in the final multicam output.

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          Bill Seper
          Just bring the audio onto the timeline and visually align the waveform to the audio from the video. It's not hard. I do it all the time with music videos I make of myself fingerpicking acoustic guitar. No mic I stick on the cam is going to be anywhere near the quality I can achieve from a good 1/2" condenser a foot away from the guitar, so I record a wave into Audtion as I'm videotaping, do whatever editing I need to do with it, and then export and bring into Premeiere afterwards. It's really very easy.

          In case you're wondering, I couldn't get as good of results running my mic into a cam even if it had good XLR ins and volume controls because acoustic instruments require some processing. Guitars especially love compression and reverb. There's not a plugin in the world for either compression or reverb that can come close to my hardware units, so I choose to run a mic through my mixing desk and add effects live as I'm playing. Of course this has nothing to do with your case. I'm just saying....
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            Level 1
            But the resultant timeline of the multicamera does not have Waveform as one of the output option.

            Without multicam, it's no problem; with the MC, I can't get it to sync with the audio.
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              Bill Seper Level 1
              Umm...maybe I'm missing something, but any sound file has a waveform. When you import, or capture, the camcorder video, it has both an audio and video track on the timeline. Click on the arrow of the audio and it will drop open up so you can see the waveform. I'm working with an older version of Premiere, but with mine you have to have the timeline working in under 20-minute segments in order to see the waveform. Otherwise it's just one big grey block.
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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                The separate audio file has to be on Audio 1 to work in Multicam mode.
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                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Another option is just to ignore your final audio during the multicam edits, then add it to the multicam output sequence (as track 2). Mute track 1 and you're set.

                  I have used this method, and also Jim's, where I delete the source audios and put the audio I want onto the multicam source sequence audio 1 track. (And set the audio follows video off.)