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    Rendering Codecs

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      I'm using Premiere Pro CS2 and I'm wanting to create a 30P preset.

      So far here are my settings:

      b General

      Editing mode: Desktop
      Timebase: 29.97
      Adjusted my playback settings appropriately
      Video Size: 720x480
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC
      Fields: No Fields

      b Video Rendering

      Here's my big question: What Compressor to use??

      -I tried the "Cinepak" and the render looked like crap (looks like it limited the video to thousands of colors)

      -I tried "Indeo Video 5.10" and froze the machine 50% through a render of a 105 minute project. I could off course render it in two parts if needed.

      -"No compressor' and the files are massive
      What about all the others in between.

      Can someone make some sense of these codecs and make a recommendation. My work goes out to DVD.