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    Titler Crashes - Vista SP1

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      I have a brand new DELL XPS 420 4GB ram - Quad Core. (RAM is optimized). The titler crashes when I scroll through the fonts. Always at Daunpenh, or backward at Earwig factory. I have deleted every font that Windows will allow me to, within that range. Premiere Pro no longer crashes.

      Due to a crashed hard drive, this is actually the second fresh install I have had to do on my XPS 420 and both times I have had to remove the fonts that fall within that range. Does anyone know which font in particular it is?? It is far too frustrating to go through one by one to figure it out. I feel luck that I was able to narrow it down as much as I did.

      Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Is Windows sending out a corrupt font in their operating systems? Why don't Photoshop or Flash crash with this font? What's up with Premiere Pro? Any ideas?

      BTW, I'm using Production Premium CS3.