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    how to export an HD project

      Hi everyone,
      I am having problem exporting an HD project.

      I am created and worked on a new project with the following settings:
      Editing Mode HDV 720p
      Timebase 29.97 fps

      I am trying to export my final work to be viewed in HD. Can someonw please help me how to do this? I don't have HD video drive, so I suppose I would need to export to some kind of video file format. I have tried a few things, but the system crashes.

      thanks for your help
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          Wow, you need to provide
          b many
          more details to help with assessment of your problem.

          To export High Def material you need the following:
          1) Encore CS3, which you should have and,
          2) A Blu Ray Burner
          3) Hi Def TV and Blu Ray player (of course)
          4) Lastly, nice High Def source material (again of course).

          You can author roughly 20 minutes of Hi Def to a DVD using a WMV, but the player must be compatible with WMV files.

          Seems a WMV would be your best bet. Try Adobe Media Encoder and look for the WMV presets.
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            thanks Howard,

            I am using CS3, purchased, not the free trial. I am not sure I have Encore, and I def do not have bluray burner, but do have a HD TV.

            What I was trying to do is to export into a file that I would then play via HDMI into the TV screen.

            When exporting to file, there are many settings, and I am not sure which ones are best, but cannot find anything that says HD or similar, only PAL/NTSC DV.. All attempts so far only give me a low resolution video file which significantly degrades the picture quality..sounds strange but even a DV 720x576 (?) video format does not look good at all.

            My project is relatively simple. It is just a sequence of still (1280x720), photographs with background music.

            thanks for your help
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Don't use export to file, instead use Adobe Media Encoder to encode to a HDV compatible format, for instance as Howard said to WMV.
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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                >using CS3, purchased, not the free trial. I am not sure I have Encore

                Encore3 is part of CS3

                Did you buy DVD's or download?

                If download, read...
                FAQ article Converting Download Trial to Registered (read subject How do I convert a trial version to a version for unrestricted use?)
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                  thanks John
                  I purchased the CS3 version and downloaded the file. I will read the link you sent to add, if necessary, other components and Encore.