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    Capturing Hi-8  but only with s-video and audio L-R leads..how ?

      I have Hi-8 footage and a Sony playback unit, which has output sockets for s-video and L and R audio (red/white phonos) leads. I have important footage I would like to capture as avi via Premiere Pro CS3. I have done so with my Mini DV camcorder using Firewire. How do I do so with S-Video as the PC does not feature an S-Video in socket and my X-Fi Elite Pro Creative Labs sound card's breakout box has no s-video socket on it either.

      The Hi-8 camcorder died long ago but didnt have firewire out, being analog I use a Sony GV-D200E playback unit to transfer my Hi-8 onto my Panasonic DVD/HD recorder via S-video and audio red/white phonos, then I dub that onto DVD_RAM disc and copy the files across to the PC. Its a DVD_RTAV folder on the DVD_RAM disc and stays as such when on the PC. It contains VR_MANGR.BUP VR_MANGR.IFO VR_MOVIE.VRO files.
      I then open it into Videoredo and quickstream fix the file which sorts out any misfits and enables it to run smoothly and in synch etc. I then save as mpg. It has no avi save option. For most of the footage mpg is ok for me, but there is this special footage I would like as avi straight from the tape as it may have commercial value and I need also to carry out editing on it in Premiere which is best working on avi files.

      I have I see an MSI (came with my previous PC's videocard) adaptor, input sockets gold plated for s/in and s/out (s-video) and phono type socket marked v/in and v/out all on a wide unit on one end of a very short lead and just one plug on the other end, that plug having the s-video type shape to it, with just pins inside, no plastic rectangle. Indentations at edge at 12, 4 and 8 oclock. 12 oclock having a flattened plastic part of the plug corresponding to it. starting at 12 oclock and working my way to 6 oclock we have a row of 3 pins, then a row of 4 then a row of 2. Similar to the DIN marked socket on the back of the X-Fi breakout box, but the pins dont quite match. This went into the socket on the back of the GeForce 5950 Ultra video card I had. That PC is now dead. My video card is now a ATI Pro FireGL V5600 but has no s-video input sadly, despite being a pro card. Something I never thought to consider was there. Its only this one tape I need as avi.

      What are my options here for capturing as avi ?