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    External Hard Drive Failure if not used?

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      I appologize since this isn't directly related to CS3. A while back I vaguely remember someone mentioning that if a Premiere project was archived on an external hard drive and then not used for a while (year or more), the drive would lose data or fail to function in some way.

      I can't remember what the final conclusion was ie is this true or not and if it is true, what the mechanism was. I would appreciate being pointed to that thread or links explaining it.
      Thanks in advance,

      John Rich
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          I've had drives in storage for several years without issue.
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            Bill Seper Level 1
            Jim's right--that's nonsense. I keep old drives and other parts when upgrading computers in case I run across somebody that needs one, and there have been times I've had a HD sitting in a drawer for years and then installing it, and it works fine. It's not like any lubrication is going to run out of the thing while sitting, and electrical components can last close to a century even when they're used a lot depending on what they are. Both the USA and Russia have had satellites in space at -300% temps for over a decade that were still going strong when they came back. I mean they had gold wiring instead of copper, but otherwise a resister is a resister is a resister.