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    Playback stops

    bill66man Level 1
      I couldn't find alot of info searching for this issue, so I'm making a post. I'm putting together a promo of a 90 minute documentary (shot in HDV--imported using Cineform) which I recently completed--all successfully in Premiere CS3--Edited the whole thing in Premiere and outputted sucessfully to DVD. The doc is divided into 7 segments most of which are around 15 mins. I've outputted the segments as master avi (Cineform based) files and assembled them into one timeline in a new project to make the promo with.

      From that project (and master avi files), I've put together a simple :60 sec promo. As I play the promo however, playback stops during the last 3-4 clips. The promo will play sucessfully on the timeline until these last few clips are reached where it will stop. Happens every time. Anyone had any experience with this kind of issue?
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          fredou_79 Level 1

          Check for file or clip corruption; that's a "stupid check" as it never was that issue for me, but you should still inquire.

          Knowing your computer setup, parts OS would be helpfull to know more; Might be a memory issue.

          Try reimporting the timeline in a new project to see if the timeline wasn't corrupted.

          Cineform support on this never really was helpfull, they tried but never got around the bug for me.

          Sometimes it comes and goes in certain of my projects files, so it's probably determined by certains factors, but haven't put my finger on it so far.

          Try posting on CF forum, maybe David Newman may answer wit a fix that has been found since I last tried posting about this...
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            bill66man Level 1
            Using CS3 w/ Windows XP. QuadCore 6600 w/ 4gigs RAM. The hardare was plenty to complete the 90 min. documentary, so why I'm getting an issue over a :60 sec clip is somewhat baffling to me. I'll try what you're suggesting and have also posted over at the Cineform forum at DVInfo.
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              bill66man Level 1
              So far no luck. And now I just went back into one of my original 15 minute segments and am getting the same issue. Except this time the playback stops near the beginning of the timeline, but will playback the latter part of the timeline.