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    No Response - Severe Delay in Response

    Bad Habit Pictures Level 1
      I don't know what happened since I added no new hardware or software but one day it was all working fine the next I started having severe problems.

      I did a repair installation and it didn't work so I completely uninstalled and then re-installed (after a reboot) and it still is acting up.

      None of my other software, Adobe or otherwise, is acting strangely, only Premiere. I'm open to any suggestion because this is really freaking me out.

      I was capturing SD footage via a Canon XL1s and having no problems. After about half of the tapes were done I quit for the night. The next morning when I went to start capturing again, Premiere locked up after opening the capture window. I tried a second camera (a Sony HDR-HC9) but had the same problems. I swapped out data cables, same problem.

      Then I noticed that playback controls of the video already on the timeline had severe delays, up to 3 minutes, before responding to "play" and "stop/pause". I also noticed similar long delays when selecting windows within the project and even in the pulldown menus.

      I deleted the current project and created a new one but the problems persisted. I opened old projects that I KNOW are good, but the problem persisted in these as well.

      When I close out Premiere the "Adobe Premiere Pro.exe" process stays active in the task manager for up to 5 minutes after I closed the program.

      Other then the minutes long delays in response, if I wait for it, the software seems to operate properly but will often just lock up and I have to do an "End Program" to get out of the lock up.

      As I mentioned, I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the software and none of my other software seems to be affected. WTF!

      Alienware Desktop PC
      Dual 2.8 Ghz Pentiums
      2G RAM
      WinXP w/SP3
      PPro CS3 (part of Premium Production Package)