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    Missing HDV 1080p24 preset and what version of CS3 is latest?

      1) I'm missing the HDV 1080p24 and HDV 720p24 presets... From this message a year ago, Jan of 2008, it looks like they were to be included in version 3.1.2.
      Wil Renczes - 1:58am Jan 30, 08 PST (#54 of 82)
      Honestly, I'm not sure why the presets were left out. I suspect it was out of sheer neglect - the 24p presets were created after CS2 shipped, and they were never passed over to engineering to be added back to the depot.
      In any case, yes, we're planning on adding them back. In fact, I added specifically both a 1080p24 & a 720p24 preset to the upcoming 3.1.2 updater last week.
      2) I have version 3.1.1 of PPro CS3 (As part of the CS3 production Premium Suite). When I hit Help, Update it says no update is available...
      What is the latest version? And if it's not 3.1.1, how do I get it?
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          Premiere Update http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=98&platform=Windows
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            Actually, there is no such thing as HDV 24P, since HDV is a 1080i stream and was designed that way for compatibility reasons. Even if your camcorder claims to have a '24P' mode, it is still embedded in a 1080i 60 stream. Unfortunately, Premiere doesn't handle such streams. The results are abyssmal, so we avoid the 24P mode on prosumer/consumer camcorders. What happens with such footage is that you get 3 good frames followed by 2 interlaced frames of the last frame repeated, and the process repeats. This causes an annoying stuttered cadence with a blurring/clearing effect as those two interlaced frames appear periodically.
            It has been instructed elsewhere to use the HDV 60i preset for ALL HDV footage, regardless of the camera's recording mode.
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              Brandalarm Level 1

              Hi Rory,


              I must say I'm not familiar with the settings and specs of CS3, especcially not with which (updated) versions include which presets and so on.

              But I had a familliar problem using CS4, so it may help you:


              - Double check these:          * You are using the trial version? Maybe trial doesn't support these presets.       

                                                        * Your full version somehow ended up being trial again? SN not activated anymore... could be.

                                                        * In case you're using Windows: Do you (still) have Windows Service Pack 3 installed. My problem was that

                                                           I was working with SP 1 , which caused my CS4 to fail showing the HDV preset (as wel as some others like XDCAM, ...)


              Double check the above, they may solve your trouble.