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    Exporting Movie: Aspect Ratio

      I've been editing a music video that was shot on the HVX camera. It was shot at 720p. I started my project as a 720p project and imported all the footage (MXF files) into bins and edited my video. I go to export it and it exports to an AVI in an aspect ratio that is NOT 960x720! I checked the export settings and they are as follows:

      File Type: MS AVI
      Compressor: None
      Color Depth: Million+
      Frame Size: 960h 720v (16:9)
      Frame rate: 23.976
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)

      When I edit the video in premier it is the correct aspect ratio. I click on a clip in the time line and it says "Video: 23.976 fps, 960x720 (1.333)" so what am I doing wrong here?
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          shooternz Level 6
          Your settings seem correct for anamorphic video output.

          Why do you say "I go to export it and it exports to an AVI in an aspect ratio that is NOT 960x720!"

          What is the issue?

          My guess is you need a square pixel , instead of an anamorphic pixel, export for the web or something similar.
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            (aaron_hecht) Level 1
            When I watch the video it's in a 4:3 ratio, even though the file info says 960x720.
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              (aaron_hecht) Level 1
              Alright changing the Pixel Aspect ratio solved some problems but created a whole new set! It now plays inside a play window with a 4:3 aspect ratio while the picture itself is 16:9. Which means when I enlarge it to full frame on my widescreen monitor I get a black box all around it instead of it conforming to the aspect ratio of my monitor which is 16:10 approx.

              Another new problem! My crossfades are gone. I have a series of crossfaded images, and now the fades are just not playing at all. They still play in the project file, but in the final render, not at all. The render condition above the fades is still green. I have other effects applied to the video that DO play in the final render. Any more ideas?
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                shooternz Level 6
                When you export your .avi and open it (play it back) in PPro CS3 what does it look like?

                What are the exact settings of your Project?
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                  (aaron_hecht) Level 1
                  The strangeness continues. I played the file in BS player and SOME of the fades worked. NONE of the fades in/out to black, but I may be able to work around that issue. I have it set up where it fades in and out to a blank space on the timeline. If I insert a black video slug the fades might work. I say this because when fading with other video (I have a couple crossfades in the video) they work just fine!

                  When I play the rendered video in CS3 the fades work. Why? I don't know.

                  Project settings as follows (General Tab):
                  Editing Mode: P2 720P 60Hz DVCPROHD
                  Timebase: 23.976 fps
                  Frame Size: 960 h 720 v
                  Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)
                  Fields: None
                  Display format: 24fps

                  Video Tab:
                  File Format: DVCpro 100 720p 60Hz
                  Compressor: Same as above
                  Color Depth: Million+

                  I'm still getting the letterboxing problem too, when I use square pixels.

                  EDIT: My workaround for my fading issue did not work. I have no clue why. So for some reason TWO fades work in this project, but none of the others. The two that work are a fade in and out on a set of titles on vid track 2 and a cross-fade in between two tracking shots in the middle of the project. The fades that do not work are at the beginning and end I have a series of quick fades in and out, in typical music video fashion, that do not work at all. Except when played back in CS3, but I need them to work in other media players too!

                  Thanks for all the help so far :)

                  EDIT #2:
                  Now even when I have the project rendering in HD Anamorphic pixels I get the same problem with the fading! It used to work when I'd render in 4:3. But now it doesn't. ARGH.
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                    shooternz Level 6
                    I am coming a bit unstuck here because I work in PAL Land.

                    Therefore I do not really understand all the drop frame NTSC stuff going on in your project and setup. I do wonder if it is part of your issue though.

                    Your basic setup seems correct but that NTSC stuff is confusing to me!

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                      (aaron_hecht) Level 1
                      I don't think it's a framerate issue, but I could be wrong here.
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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        Off hand I don't see anything wrong with your original export settings. Try another short test using those, and use GSpot to analyze the file. Report back what it says.
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                          (aaron_hecht) Level 1
                          What is GSpot? I'm going to be out of town through Monday but I will when I get back Tuesday. I have a new small part of the saga. Might help.

                          I was exporting the file using File>export>Movie and setting the settings in there. Last night I tried File > export > Media Encoder and I set it as a compressed mpeg 2 file with a compression of 4.0. It still gave me the artificial letter boxing but this time, oddly enough, the fades worked! So fades worked in an .mpg compression but NOT in an uncompressed avi OR an xvid compression.

                          Another thing I realized while lying in bed is that a 960x720 IS a 4:3 ratio. I suck at math and it took me that long. So if I tell it to export as 1280x720 that might solve my artificial letterboxing. I'll report back when I get back. But for now I need those fades to work in an uncompressed file! Any ideas?
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                            (aaron_hecht) Level 1
                            I'm not sure why the fades work now, but the fades work. As to my letterboxing problem, I got that taken care of too! I needed to have the export settings at 1280x720 with square pixels. I had it at 960x720 when I tried square pixels. Anyway thanks for your help, I'll post if I have more problems!