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    herky jerky zooms

      Hi! I have some still images w/pan and zoom, but the video as it zooms in is far from smooth. Is this something that gets handled by increasing frame rate? I had it set at 30fps. What can I do to make the zooms smoother?
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          At what point in the process are you seeing this problem? Have you
          attempted to render out a section yet to confirm the problem?
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            Bill Seper Level 1

            I have the same problem sometimes. I'm still using Premiere 6.5, and I use "image pan" for all of my pan and zoom effects because it seems to work better. I still run into problems once in a while though and find the only thing I can do is to adjust the pan/zoom parameters until it smooths itself out. Either that, or sometimes doing the pan and zoom in Flash and then exporting as AVI works too.

            I'm assuming that Premiere likes photos of some length to width ratios more than others when it comes to pan and zoom. I don't really know why it stutters like that sometimes though. Could be something else altogether.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In Help, look at sub-sections of Keyframing on "Ease In, Ease Out and Continious Bezier." These aspects of Keyframing will "smooth" things nicely, by just Rt-clicking on each Keyframe, and choosing. I do strongly suggest doing a quick read first, so you'll understand what your choices are, and why one might work better than another. You are very close - just "a click away."