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    Premiere HDV Workflow (After Effects CS3 too)

      I'm working with a Sony HDR-FX1 and Premiere Pro CS3 to capture my HDV clips - in mpeg format.

      1. I'm looking for the best way to edit these HDV clips in Premiere. I have heard of CineForm's Neo Scene and I was wondering if I NEED this to edit the HDV clips in Premiere or not. If I don't need CineForm, are there any alternatives to editing the footage in Premiere or tips on speeding up the process?

      2. Please note that I will be working between Premiere Pro & After Effects (both CS3) and back to Premiere so I'm also wondering what type of file I can export from After Effects to get back to Premiere. Will I need the CineForm codec for this step as well? I'd like to export to a file where I won't lose any quality or compress my video when bringing it back into Premiere for editing.

      3. I noticed after importing one of my HDV clips into After Effects it's separated by Upper field first. Will I need to export with Upper field no matter what format I use when rendering from After Effects?

      Any tips, links or tutorials on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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          Although not absolutely necessary
          Cineform prospect HD & adobe cs3 ( premiere & after effects) works very well together. The CFHD format gives You a fluent workflow and is cleraly recommended.
          ( and this codec should have been implemented as part of "the adobe package" - just like native drivers for P2 and EX1 - but thats another discussion)

          ( btw : anything less than 2.1 - 2.4 core_2_duo will be a pain without CF as I see it)
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            CharlesCambel Level 1
            I was looking into using Neo Scene by CineForm. I'm guessing the advantage that Prospect HD has over NeoScene is that with Prosptect, I can capture using Premiere directly to that format.

            Anyone familiar with the two products and their work flows?

            Obviously Neo Scene is a little bit cheaper as well.
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              (C._David_Young) Level 1
              I use this camera and work exclusively in PP CS3. It works flawlessly with HDV so there is no need to go with these other products. I don't use After Effects but I would imagine you can just use the HDV preset for export. I have also heard that there is a seamless bridge between PP and AE. At any rate, CS3 works perfectly if you want to create Blu-ray compatible files and using Dan Isaacs' hd2sd workflow you can create spectacular DVDs as well..