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    Where are my elements in Project panel ?

    lanstrad Level 1
      I'm working on a (first) project since a few weeks, and suddently discover that most of the elements (shots, audio, still pics, bins) that were captured or imported in the project panel are no longer there...

      However, as long as I don't need them, everything that was brought to the timeline still appear correctly in the sequence (including trimmed shots from those disappeared in the project panel).

      I have spent hours capturing from the tape (camera) and was expecting at the end to find a way to back up everything on (probably multiple) DVDs.

      My question is twofold:

      1) How come all these disappeared from the panel ? Is this ... "normal"?

      2) While I can find those (well identified) elements somewhere in a folder on my PC (so if needed I can reimport...), what will be the best way to back-up the entire project and all its assets ?