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    Bizzare export issue

      Here is a very weird export issue. Windows XP.
      Project is set at h264 1920x1080 mono audio 29.97 fps

      I have 30 shots that make up the sequence. Each shot is exactly 90 frames. I exported each sequence at h264 1920x1080 with one channel of audio. The first shot exports just fine and is 5 MB. The second shot exports at 10 MB. The third is 15 MB, the tenth shot is 50MB. But the picture is still 90 frames for each shot. BUT, when I export without audio each exported file is just 5 MB. If I look at the properties of each clip the duration of the video and audio is just 90 frames. If I open one of these clips in QuickTime Pro and re-export it as source then the files size goes back to 5 MB; same video, same audio yet with the correct file size.

      Anyone seen this before?
      Is there a setting that could be incorrect?