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    MXF codecs & encoder for pc? MXF > AVI or MOV

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      I have a question about MXF codecs for PPro CS3. I have a Sony PDW-530 (2/3" professional SD camera) and I shoot on IMX50. I have a problem when I import the .MXF files in PPro CS3. PPro CS3 says, 'unsupported format or codec is missing'. When I shoot with the Sony PDW-F335L (that's a HD 1/2" camera) and import the .MXF files into PPro CS3 I have no problem with 'unsupported format or codec is missing'.

      So one of my questions is: 'Is there a codec for Premiere Pro CS3 for .MXF files shoot on IMX30 / IMX40 or IMX50? And where can I found him then.

      Then my other question: Mac has a MXF encoder, named 'XDCAM Transfer'. In this program you can import the .MXF files and then convert it to a .MOV file. The .MOV file you can import in Premiere Pro CS3.
      Is there for PC also a MXF encoder of tranfer (to a .AVI or .MOV file?)

      Hopefully you can help me!

      Greetings Rob!