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    Premiere 2.0 crashes when I try to start a new project. XP 64 OS

      Window XP 64
      AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
      Core Processor 4200
      2.21 GHz
      6GB RAM

      I am using Premiere 2.0, its part of the Creative Suite Production Studio Premium. Premiere will launch ok, but when I try to start a new project, i.e try to create a save location, it locks up. On one occasion I used the default save location and it opened fine, but when I tried to do anything such as import, save, etc...again it freezes. So basically I am not able to do anything at all without it freezing. Everything else in the CS Production studio works just fine, Premiere is the only problem...so I am baffled! Oh yeah, I uninstalled and reinstalled twice, and still the same problem. PLEASE HELP!