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    HELP - Mpeg Editing


      This is my first post here.
      English is not my primary language so expect stone-age English.

      This said, Im posting here because I just received my Canon HV20 and after some recording tests I need now to isolate specific takes from that MiniDV tape to later use in a more sense movie time line.

      Now I just wonder how you guys do to edit your MPEG 1440x1080 HDV files preserving the original MPEG HDV quality?

      Since capturing a MiniDV tape generates a long MPEG file, how do you do to isolate specific takes and export/save them to later assemble a new lossless HDV footage (like a movie)?


      1. Record a MiniDV tape using the Canon HV20.
      2. After record the tape use the HDV/Firewire output port to export the MiniDV tape to Adobe Premiere Pro (or any different software).
      3. Now that I have the full tape in a huge MPEG file how can I isolate the takes I want to export/save loosely?

      How do you guys do to export/save that isolated takes lossless?
      Do you export maintaining the MPEG file format?
      Doesnt this method recompress the original MPEG file again losing HDV quality?
      Do you export the isolated takes using any other format like uncompressed AVI files? Uncompressed AVI files are not to heavy to edit in real time resulting in frame skip?

      Please, Im just starting and Im very confused about the best way to edit and maintain HDV 1440x1080 MPEG quality imagery in extracted/isolated takes from the main HDV MPEG file.

      Many thanks.