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    Can you batch edit video?

      Hey Everyone,

      I'm wondering if anyone knows if Premiere can do "actions" or batch processing the way you can do with photos in Photoshop? Or does anyone know if this can be done using any program in existence?

      What i need to do is take thousands of small video clips and then add to them item numbers, names, durations, product photos and the like. Please follow the link below to see an example of the final product.


      Basically want to shoot the video, cut it up and name it in Premiere, render out the raw video and keep a uniform file naming system. Prepare the product photos and voice overs in a similar fashion to the videos so they correspond with their respective videos. And then combine those files and all the on screen data into an Excel spread sheet that can be loaded into premiere (or whatever software can do this) and then batch process everything including rendering.

      I would imagine that this would be similar to "catalog software" for InDesign where you setup various fields within the video frame and then those fields are filled with data pulled from the Excel spread sheet. I've been doing all this manually for about 4 months now and i just keep having more and more demand for it. Unfortunately i can't get paid enough per video to hire capable people so i need to find a way to automate the process.

      Another reason i need this functionality is because i now have customers wanting to re-sell the video to their customers who want their own logos/web addresses on the video. So again, i need the automation so i can have a reasonable turn around.

      If anyone has any clue as to the software that could do this, please let me know.