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    Settings for export to Web

      I've followed the settings suggested by a website I found for creating a Quicktime from DV as such:
      File Type: Choose "QuickTime"
      Range: Work Area Bar
      Select "Export Video" and "Export Audio," (you don't have to "Add to Project When Finished")
      Embedding Options: Select "None"
      Compressor: Choose "Sorenson"
      Colour depth: Millions
      Frame size: 320 x 240
      Frame rate: 15
      Pixel aspect ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
      Quality: 80%
      Data rate: 300 k/sec
      Choose "Maintain data rate"
      Compressor: Q Design Music 2 (Uncompressed only option)
      Sample rate: 48000 Hz
      Sample type: 16-bit
      Channels: Stereo
      Interleave: 1 frame
      When I attempt to get export get Error: Error compiling movie. Unable to create or open file.

      How can I fix this and is there a better format for export DV movies for web viewing? Thanks and sorry for length.