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    HDV CS3 Project to SD Encore CS3

    CharlesCambel Level 1
      I have a HDV sequence I've edited in PPro CS3. I want to export the sequence to Encore CS3 in standard definition.

      What is the best way to accomplish this?

      Option 1: Export the HDV sequence from PPro to an uncompressed DV AVI in Widescreen format at 720 x 480 (1.2). Import that AVI into Encore and let it compress the video to MPEG-2 format. I've read about some people using this workflow - however I'm not sure if I need to de-interlace my footage. I chose to use the lower field first since I'm going to DV AVI format. Should I de-interlace if I use this option? Also I noticed some small black bars on either side of my video when I go with this option - is there a work around for that?

      Option 2: Expor the HDV sequence from PPro to MPEG-2 DVD format. Will my video look better if I export right to MPEG-2 DVD format from PPro's HDV timeline?

      I have researched forums on this question however I'm unable to find a definitive answer on this subject.


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          (C._David_Young) Level 1
          Most people would find neither of your options acceptable. The absolute best method is to use Dan Isaacs' hd2sd script with AviSynth. Just search this forum and you will find a wealth of information. There is also a great tutorial on dv2film that will show you how to install the tools. Also see http://invertedhorn.axspace.com/hdv2dvd_basic.html for much of the same info.