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    How many blue screens of death per day?

    tunghoy Level 1
      Is anyone else getting a lot of BSODs with PP CS3 in 32-bit Vista? I've been using this version since it came out, and it's never been this bad. Though this is the biggest file I've used it for: a 2 gb .mov encoded with H.264.

      My workstation is no slouch: quad-core (Q6600) processor with 4 gb memory and hundreds of gb on the program and data drives (physical drives, not partitions). Display is a GeForce 8600 with 1/2 gb on board. Temperature is also not an issue. The case has so many fans, it sounds like a jet engine.

      I don't get BSODs with any other application, and try not to run other apps at the same time as PP, though it's sometimes unavoidable but doesn't make much difference. And it happens randomly during editing, not during any particular task -- though fortunately never while rendering.