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    Strange XD CAM EX problem!!!

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      I use the EX1 and Scandisk flashcards (with Kensington adaptors). Whenever I play the footage back on my clip browser, I get horizontal line lags (a line will be out of phase with the others)during pas or quick movemenst. Is that a known flash card or EX1 bug or is this due to the Browser or processing speed when decoding EX1 natively? Has anybody experienced this? What is it?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Does it occur in the final Blu-ray export watched on an HDTV?
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            These line lags - they don't appear inside ppro do they ? It's only when you play the clips inside ex'browser they are visible? If so - why bother.
            I have a core2duo 2,4 system and have not seen any distortion as you describe it.
            btw : i also have a K&S based system. As opposed to what you migth have read elsewhere *overcranking with these cards is possible*. I have done it quite a number of times (50p),- what happens is that get an error message - but at the end the footage has no dropouts or other flaws.
            Not trying to promote my own site but you can see for yourself in this small video at http://www.progresit.com/dogsledge.html .( this footage was taken in order to test some different picture profiles)
            Also - if you check out one of the "nordlys" buttons you'll see some recent footage of the northern lights ( aurora borealis). This is nikon d2x stills-sequenced-footage, primarily treated post in AE :-)
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              You're playing interlaced footage. In Clip Browser, unless you somehow magically scale the preview window to precisely 1920x1080, you will see interpolation errors. That's the artifact you are seeing. Don't worry about it. It's just a poor implementation of a player in Clip Browser.