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    Which Capure device use

      I have windows Vista with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Premiere Pro installed on my HP laptop.

      I am looking to purchase a external capture device that will work with my configuration. I have been trying to use my Dazzle DVC-80 and my Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 USB 2. neither of which i can get to work. Any help or recommendations on which product to purchase would be fantastic.

      thx in advance.

      ~ Josh
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Use a standard firewire connection, it is cheaper and better.
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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            If you have an analog source, and you need to convert to digital

            http://desktop.thomsongrassvalley.com/products/ADVC300/index.php about $500
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              I will be trying to record from my old VCR to premiere so I can edit some of it and then put it on DVD. Quality will not be great put thats ok.

              500 dollars is not worth this. I was thinking 150 or less.
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                Use your DV camera for pass-through or duping.
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                  I have no Digital video camera. I could get one.

                  basically I just want "something" that will be easily recognizable with Adobe Premiere in Photoshop CS3 that is being run on windows Vista OS.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    Harms suggestion is the cheapest, provided that your digital video camera offers "pass-through." If you are in UK/Europe, that might not be the case.

                    Along with John's suggestion, Canopus offers a "little-brother," the ADVC110, IIRC, which is less expensive, though lacks some timebase corrections. The Pyro unit, which is highly recommended on other fora, is also an option at US$150, about what I think the 110 Canopus unit costs.

                    Good luck,

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                      Bill Seper Level 1
                      I second what Harm said, and if you don't have a miniDV cam, you can buy one used from someone locally (try Craig's List) for $150 that will work fine. It doesn't have to be an expensive model because the cam won't be taping anything. It simply allows you to pass the analog signal through, converting to digital in the process, and on out the firewire into your desktop. Make sure the cam has the pass-through feature though. Almost any of the cheap Canon ZR models have it.

                      Also, be aware that if you try to use a VHS tape that has copy protection code, you'll either get a black screen, or in some cases the pass-through feature will actually quit working on your cam. I tried to copy some old movie I had to DVD once because the tape was getting old, and the pass-through feature on my cheap old Canon ZR-60 I use for that quit working altogether. After a period of a couple of weeks it mysterioulsy started working again though.

                      And don't assume a more expensive Cam will have the pass-through feature. My much more expensive JVC cam doesn't. Always ask.
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                        thank you so much!!! I'll definitely check out my cheap DV camera options.

                        Any thoughts on actual devices. like dazzles or hauppauges. things of that nature?
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          Forget about Dazzles and Hauppages. They are not worth the money and will only cause you serious grief.
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                            thats been my case so far!

                            can I capture live tv (through RCA outouts) and run it through my new DV camera I haven't got yet? Will APPCS3 allow me to do this too?
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                              Michael Stehly Level 2
                              I use the Pyro AV Link. Check out the specifications on their Website(www.adstech.com). The Videoguys(videoguys.com)sells it for $129.00. It is model API 558.
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                                Michael Stehly Level 2
                                The Pyro AV Link Model API 558 is not listed on their Website. You have to call to order it(1-800-323-2325).
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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                                  > can I capture live tv (through RCA outouts)

                                  For consumer applications I suggest you use a consumer program like WMM, not PP which is more directed towards professional formats.
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                                    Bill Seper Level 1
                                    "I suggest you use a consumer program like WMM...."

                                    And Windows Movie Maker is very easy to use too. Premiere has a huge learning curve for most people.
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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      The only thing that you will lack, if doing the Capture in PrP is Device Control. Still, you *should* be able to start the Capture (once everything is hooked up, and pass-through mode is set), and then hit the Play on your VHS deck.

                                      If this does not work, then WMM would be the way to go. Just be aware that it only Exports (or did in the XP version) to DV-AVI Type I. Some people have Audio sync issues with Type I AV files, and a conversion to DV-AVI Type II, seems to cure these problems.

                                      I have a Turtle Beach card and just use its software, which does allow me to Save_As DV-AVI Type II. No issues.

                                      To the Dazzle: it seems that most people can never get these to work, even with the Pinnacle software, that they often come bundled with. Unless things have changed, the Pinnacle forum will be filled with bad reports on the Dazzle products. I guess that the "dazzle," is the price that one pays for something that never works?

                                      Good luck,

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                                        Thx Bill and the many others. I am fairly decent with premiere and know how to use most of it. I was having trouble with my options at hand and wanted some advice from the "pros". thx guys. I'll be shopping for a decent handheld mini dv with pass through capabilities.

                                        ANy recommendations on brands and models? Personnal usage experience are the best.

                                        Off to go shopping for electronics! I love being a guy and a computer junkie!!!

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                                          Bill Seper Level 1
                                          "Any recommendations on brands and models?"

                                          Well there's nothing on TV tonight except Oduma, so here's a long spiel:

                                          I keep that little ZR-60 of mine in the glovebox as I jokingly tell people, "Just in case I ever see bigfoot". It's nice to have a cheapy around for

                                          certain things where you might be worried about breaking a good cam. (Taping a forest fire or placing yourself in the path of a tornado

                                          both come to mind).

                                          One thing I can tell you about the Canon is that the CCD went out on it nearly two years after I bought it, but I found that Canon had a

                                          service bulletin out about it possibly being defective, and they replaced it for free right away even though the warranty had expired a year

                                          earlier. So, I gotta give them credit for good service on that.

                                          If you want a cam that's inexpensive but still records fairly clean images I'd probably go for a Sony. A single 1/6" CCD like all these cheap

                                          Walmart cams have all give bad low light performance, but I've noticed that the Sony models tend to have a slightly larger (though still

                                          small) lens on them, so they can draw more light in, thus they do a bit better in dim lighting.

                                          Light is the name of the game with cams. If you have a lot of light they all do pretty good. Having more video pixels available is helpful

                                          too. When you get a little bit higher in price you'll start to see some 3-CCD units. Three CCDs will give slightly better color reproduction,

                                          but don't underestimate a single CCD unit. If it's a toss-up between a 3-CCD cam with 1/6" CCDs (did someone say Panasonic?) and a

                                          single CCD unit with a 1/3" CCD or larger, I'll go for the single CCD unit every time. The bigger the CCDs and the bigger the lens, the better

                                          the picture. My old JVC has a 1/3.6" single CCD, so it's closer to a half inch, and it has 1,330,000 effective video pixels which was great at the

                                          time (and still is pretty good for standard def). The Canon ZR-60 by contrast has a single 1/6" CCD, about 600,000 video pixels if memory serves, and a lens that's considerably smaller than the JVC. I don't remember the lens size on either of them right now, but the Canon has 30.5mm filter threads whereas the JVC has 52mm, so looking at the filter thread size will give you a fairly good idea of how big the lens is. Top of the line miniDV cams like the Panasonic DVX100 or the Canon XL2 have a thread size of 72mm and come with three 1/3" CCDs. They have about the same amount of pixel power (the Canon has a bit more I think), but my JVC GR-DV3000 will out-perform them both in low light because of its larger CCD. The JVC has a F/1.2 rated aspherical lens with a low light Min Illumination of only 1 Lux. I've never seen a low light measurement with any other miniDV cam that could claim that. But on the other hand, as long as the lighting is reasonable at all, the more expensive Panny and Canon will shoot a little better footage.

                                          That's the basics of what to look for in a miniDV standard def cam. With more expensive models you have better made lenses (Canon

                                          always did make real good lenses), and you start to get into all kinds of features such as different frame rates and progressive frame

                                          shooting and whatnot.

                                          Look up Adam Wilt's name on the web sometime. He's got what are probably the best web pages around concerning camcorders.

                                          JVC GR-DV3000 Low light shot (you couldn't begin to do this with a ZR-60 without it being very grainy). It's a little soft because I shot it in frames mode with a slow shutter speed.

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                                            Fantastic info!

                                            Does the canon zr60 have pass through cabilities? In fact i am having trouble finding a camera that does.
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                                              Bill Seper Level 1
                                              Yeah it does. I think all the ZR models do unless they've changed them.
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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                You experience with the ZR-60 mirrors mine, including the CCD replacement. Great little camera and well worth the $'s I paid new.

                                                When the CCD went out, I looked for a replacement, but never found one that offered what this little guy did. Canon had it fixed with free shipping in a week, and I never looked back.

                                                I don't use mine for pass through, but have the A-D covered already. However, it's a great "glove-box" camera.