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    Teach me to fish!

      I'm working on a PC (not a MAC) using Flash and Premier Pro CS3.

      PROBLEM: I want to save a Flash animation and place it in Premier Pro.

      I don't have Quicktime installed on the PC so I exported the animation as an AVI instead. When I imported the .avi animation into Premiere it was small in size and the image quality was very low. Illegible.


      A.) Do I have to have Quicktime installed on a PC? If so, where can I get it?

      B.) With Quicktime installed, will I be able to save Flash animation as an .mov? I've visited a few forums that seem to say that CS3 doesn't work with Quicktime now.

      C.) How come there aren't a billion different ways to save a Flash file and import it into Premier? Why isn't it easy? They're both Adobe products. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?

      Thanks in advance to all of you wicked smart folks!
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Well I'm not one of the "wicked smart folks" so I need to know at least the following from you:
          - What codec did you use in the AVI export?
          - What pixel resolution and pixel aspect ratio did you use for the export?
          - What is the pixel resolution and pixel aspect ratio of your project?


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            Level 1
            Well, I can see that I'm already out of my league. The answer to all 3 questions is, "I don't know."

            Do you have a suggestion? I'm bad at math and don't thoroughly understand aspect ratios. I would like to have some deity-like figure just appear and tell me what to do but, failing that I'm willing to learn to fish.

            If explaining the anwers to your 3 questions will cause you to have to make an exhaustive explanaiton maybe you could just give me a hint and point me toward some source material?

            Thanks for responding. If this helicoptor doesn't pick me up it wa nice to know that someone was looking for me at least.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In Flash, what is the size of your "stage?" That would be defined, when you initially set up your Project.

              You might have to backtrack to Flash, and pretend that you are going to Export all over again. You will have several (IIRC) dialog screens, where you can make some selections on the Export. Many of the selections will likely be based on drop-down menus for some/all aspects of the Export. Jotting down the various figures there will go a long way to giving the details necessary. It is very likely that your problem is in these Export settings, or may go back to the original Project settings.

              You are on step one, "finding a likely spot to fish." With those settings, we can then tell you "how to bait the hook."

              Good luck,


              [Edit] Flash is first a Web animation program. The default setting likely reflect that and are probably optimized for the smallest file production. When you make the necessary changes (remember, it might go back to the initial Project settings), you'll probably have something usable.
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                Bill Seper Level 1
                (Bill, I think the default export AVI setting in Flash is still "uncompressed").


                Besides movie stage size and frame rate, what you export at also depends on what kind of material you have in your Flash project. If it's just text effects then the old Cinepak codec is pretty good for that. If it's cartoon vector animation, then Indeo 5.2 or higher is pretty good. If there are more still photographs, then a newer codec like DivX is going to be better. Actually DivX looks pretty good on just about anything, but from what I've heard there are some people that seem to have some problems bringing DivX video into the new CS4. And my own experience when trying to export any of the Microsoft codecs from Flash has not been very good looking.

                Are you a cartoonist? try Animation Nation's message board. Some of the pros there are real hardcore when it comes to exporting from Flash. I've seen some who swear that exporting as png sequences is the best way to go, but these guys are often using their own homemade color pallets, and they don't like to share. :)
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thanks for that. It's been sometime, since I did much Flash creation and Export. That *should* be fine then.

                  Now, if one is planning to Import into PrP and edit, I'd stay far away from DivX. It is a good "delivery" CODEC, but causes all sorts of problems to try and edit. Personally, I'd stick to the AVI and uncompressed, while a larger file, should work fine in Prp.

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                    shooternz Level 6
                    Teach me to Flash