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    HELP!-timeline links broken

      Using CS3, my project was fine yesterday. Today I get red boxes in the timeline with a message that the links are broken. The clips are still in the project folder OK, I can re-import them but do I have to re-cut supclips and relink the whole thing?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Is the media showing as Offline? This is depicted as a red frame with many languages in it. The icon for this media should also show as Offline in your Project Panel. Is that what you are seeing?

          When you did a relaunch of your Project, did you get a dialog box asking you to locate the Assets? Did you tell PrP to ignore, or Offline the Assets?

          It sounds like the links to the Assets are broken. There could be a couple of reasons for this: the Assets have been moved from where PrP last saw them, or the Project file could have become corrupted.

          All is not lost, as there are several things that you can do.
          1.) Import your existing Project into a new Project with the same exact Project settings. This will bring in a Bin with your existing Project. You will need to open this Bin, plus others beneath it, and Dbl-click on the Sequence to see its Timeline. Remember, no Timeline, until you Dbl-click on it in the Project Panel. Did this fix your linkds?

          2.) Using Windows Explorer (basically My Computer), go find the Assets. Are they in the same place that you left them? If so, you are close, and step one could well fix the situation. If you moved them, then you have two choices. If you have done a Save of your Project, with the media Offline, you can manually click on each Asset in the Project Panel that shows Offline, and choose Re-Link Media. This is a one-at-a-time process. If you did not do a Save (a Save_As is fine), then Open your original Project and when you are asked to locate the Assets, navigate to the location. If you do not have sub-folders, PrP will find the first, and automatically locate all others in that location. If you have sub-folders, be prepared to navigate to each of those, as well.

          3.) If you did do a Save, another choice would be to navigate to the AudtoSave folder and launch the last created AutoSave file. Warning, do not go just by the number at the end. Look carefully at the date and time of each file. Number 3 might well be newer than number 5. If this Opens with all of your Assets Linked, do a Save_As, and begin working. If it Opens with the dialog box, then help PrP locate those Assets.

          Unless something is horribly wrong, and probably at a system-level, one of those methods should get you up and running. Warning: do not MOVE any Assets, until a Project is 100% complete and the client has bought off on it.

          Good luck,