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    Does Premiere Pro do more real time than Final Cut Pro?

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      I'm a Final Cut Pro user thinking of switching to Premiere Pro. I'm posting here, because I figured the people here would know -- hope that's OK.

      I'm using FCP on a duel core laptop, and it gives a red render bar after adding just a few filters (HD ProRes, Unlimited RT settings). I have read that Premiere Pro provides much better RT than this, at least on slower computers (like mine). What I'm wondering is:

      * PPro makes use of the graphs card for RT, whereas FCP uses only CPU. On a computer such as an eight core Mac Pro, does FCP "catch up" and provide equal RT performance to PPro?

      I understand that many of PPro users are running PPro on quad and duel core PC's, so a perfect comparison may not be available. But if you've used both PPro on any system and FCP on an 8 core Mac Pro, I'm very interested in your experience regarding RT performance.