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    Preview Video Speeds Up/Down, also when exported


      what i am trying to achieve is fairly simple, here goes:

      I have 1 audio track of a song i recorded.
      I have 3 videos (avi, not sure what codec but its taken from a sony cybershot camera)of me playing each instrument on the song.

      I want to switch between all 3 videos whilst the song is playing to make a video of me playing the song in real time.

      the most frustrating thing is that (for example) in windows movie maker (lol) i did this fine on 1 video track (ie. drums) but i need to use premiere for more advanced transistions and better export quality.

      I am using premiere CS 3 and have a 3.0 dual core, with 4 gb ram and an 9800gt gpu, so hardware i dont beleive is a problem.

      to begin with when i was playing the videos and trying to get them in time with the audio it would sometimes play back in time, but sometimes not. the video seemed to randomly speed up/slow down, this was even worse when i altered the dimension of the video to fit the screen, when i did this the video played super fast whilst the audio maintained the correct speed.

      I tried doing a rough cut and exported it as an avi, the result was ok for the 1st 10 seconds and then the same happened again.

      I know what im tryin to acheive is simple, which is why its frustrating,

      can anyone give me any ideas where i might be going wrong? or any1 else had similar experiences?

      any comments would be greatly appreciated.

      many thanks