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    Recent Rendering Issues? Getting "Unknown Error" on Multiple Computers and OSs

    blazer003 Level 1
      Premiere CS3 3.2.0 (374)
      Windows XP 32 bit
      2 Xeon 3.0 Ghz Dualcore processors
      4 GB RAM (3.5 Usuable)

      So last week at work I started getting an "unknown error" while exporting a video, which is something I've never gotten before. It was a video with multiple formats of clips (probably more than I use on a normal week), and though they weren't really anything out of the ordinary, I figured it was one of them causing the error.

      After a TON of troubleshooting on the project (deleteing this clip and that, removing effects), I was somewhat randomly able to export it. With only a slight tweak to the length of one clip (and without shutting down the program), I tried to export it again, and it failed once again. I undid the change, it still failed.

      So I open up a project I had finished from the week before and exported fine. It fails with an unknown error.

      Each time exporting a simple DV clip in widescreen format from a 1080i HDV project, which I've done hundreds of times.

      So, I'm thinking this is a weird error, but it gets weirder when a week later I'm working at home on a completely unrelated project. I open up a finished project that I had had no problems exporting 5 weeks ago to export again (as I had since deleted the final export and a client was asking for another copy as they had apparently lost it too.) and what do you know, it failed with the exact same "unknown error". Completely different system, completely different project. A project I had exported the exact same as it was and had worked 5 weeks ago. (This time as a 1440x1080 1.33 AR Quicktime H.264 Clip). Every time, part way through (and at different times from one export to the next) this 15 minute video, it stops with an unknown error.

      This system is a:

      Premiere CS3
      Windows XP Home edition.
      P42.8 Ghz HT
      2GB RAM

      My Final Cut buddies are just laughing at me and my rendering struggles, then I talk to one of my friends who also uses Premiere. But he uses Premiere CS3 on the Mac, and who would have thunk it, he's been having these "unknown errors" pop up on innocent videos in the past two weeks as well, and has never seen them before.

      Now I know it's not a coincidence, and I know it's not something with Windows Updates like I thought after my work and home computer had the errors.

      Sometimes videos will export correctly, but they usually fail. I can open up projects that were long ago completed and working and they will sometimes fail, sometimes not. So, there again, I know it's not a problem with clips or Projects, because two successive exports will yield different results.

      Who else is getting this error recently. I know it can't be just me. Anyone know what is going on?