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    No audio on copied Sequence, in Timeline (Audio shows as flatline)

      Hey there,

      I have a widescreen project (1 hr and 40 mins) that I edited with widescreen settings in Premiere, etc., but when I checked the burned DVD on my widescreen TV, I noticed that there were black bars on the left and right, as well as the widescreen ones on the top and bottom.

      So, I made a copy of the edited Sequence, and made a new DV-NTSC Standard 48kHz project, and pasted the Sequence in the Project Panel. I double clicked the sequence and it showed up, in full, in my Timeline. (The side black bars were gone) But, I have no audio when I try to run the project. When you visibly look at the Audio track, it's a straight line; it shows no peaks of audio.

      However, when I did the same thing with another, much shorter Sequence (4 mins), I hadn't noticed that the audio wasn't there, and proceeded to make an AVI out of the Timeline. That AVI DOES have audio.

      Does this mean that I will have to make my first project (1 hr and 40 mins) into an AVI to get my audio back?
      Or is there some way to 'activate' the audio that's already there in my timeline? It is simply live audio on the clips; they play when I open each clip in a Source window.

      Thanks in advance!