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    Flicker Removal

    Michael Stehly Level 1
      In Premiere 6.5(PC)I have used the Flicker Removal feature. The program allows you to highlight all of the pictures at the same time. In Premiere CS3 you have to highlight each picture individually. This is very time consuming if you have a lot of pictures. Technical support said that there is no workaround for this. Does anyone know of a workaround?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Off the top of my head I would suggest using nested sequences, but I haven't tested the idea so I can't remember if you can apply flicker removal to a nested sequence.

          You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.


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            All the pictures? What sort of technical phrase is that?

            Since i have no idea what your talking about, try using ctrl-A to select everything on your timeline. Effects/edits/transitions can be applied from its parent to its child when using nested sequences, but not from its parent to its child to its child, you get one level to work with, and then you have to apply everything manually past that point.