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    Disk Space usage in My Documents

      Hello forum members,

      I am using Premiere Pro CS3 on a Windows XP PC.

      I created a demo reel, which came out fine. But it also created 1GB of files that I don't know if I should keep or not.

      The path to the files is: My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\3.0\Media Cache Files\DJ Demo Reel.MACC

      The files in there have extensions of:

      What are these files? Do I need to keep them if I want to edit this again?
      Can I specify their location? I have an external drive I'd store them on if I need to.

      Many thanks for even reading this post!


      Dan Jablons
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          You can delete them. If needed they will be recreated again. They are conformed audio and peak files as well MPG index files, all needed during editing but once finished are no longer needed.
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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            .CFA files are Con formed Audio files. They are created when the sample rate of an audio file or the audio portion of a movie file don't match the sample rate of your project.

            .PEK files are Pea k files, which are the visual representation of an audio waveform that you see when an audio clip is in your timeline.

            .MPGindex files are files that tell Premiere where whole I frames exist in an imported MPEG file. These help Premiere fill in the missing parts of video frames that exist in a temporally-compressed format like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4.

            All of these file types are created automatically, so if you delete them and reopen the project they belonged to, they will be recreated. If you're archiving a project, they are safe to delete. If you are moving the project from one computer to another, it's up to you whether you move them as well. As said, they'll be recreated, but depending on the size of your project, that process can take some time.
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              danjab1 Level 1
              Wow, can't believe how QUICK you guys replied! Thanks for your help on this, I really do appreciate it!