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    Editing 150MB/s Footage

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      I will be editing uncompressed 120fps 720p footage (@30fps), which should run around 150MB/s, and was wondering if i might run the risk of hitting a memory bottleneck if i edit on a 32bit OS. I will also be color correcting in either premiere or AE using color finesse, which may or may not be a memory hog too.

      Im also considering moving to cs4, as i read that premiere cs4 can spawn multiple instances of itself like AE can in cs3, though i havent confirmed if pp cs3 can do that too. Do i stand to lose out on the potential of my system if i use cs3?

      Core i7 920 OC to 3ghz
      3gb ram (32bit) or 12gb ram (64bit)
      4 caviar blacks in raid 0 (200MB/s min bandwidth)+ seperate OS disk
      Nvidia GTX 285
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          Dan Isaacs Level 2
          > I will be editing uncompressed 120fps 720p footage (@30fps)

          What are you going to do with the extra 90 fps? Are you creating slow motion stuff? Are you planning to blend the sets of 4 frames to one or simply drop the extra frames?

          I would suggest using other tools (VirtualDub, for instance -- or even AE) to pre-convert to 30 fps and then compressing the result with a nice, editable codec like Cineform.
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            No, im doing slo motion stuff. That really isnt the point though.
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              So what, no one has ever worked with uncompressed footage before that has observed the memory usage from it?
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                Jeff Bellune Level 5
                Don't cheap out on your system. You'll be sorry later. Buy a processor that you don't have to overclock to get the performance you want.

                64-bit is the present and future. You can never have too much RAM. 4 cores are better than 2 and 8 is better than 4. CS4 will be updated at least once more, CS3 is finished.

                The above rules apply no matter what kind of footage you're trying to edit. Your RAID0 should handle the uncompressed HD footage; if it can't, then I don't know what can.