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    Rendering Requirements - CS2


      I think I am over-rendering here but not sure. Using Premier Pro 2.0
      I have a stack of 3 video tracks. Each track is source footage of the same event from 3 cameras, 3 different angle. If I apply a Color correction to say track 2, of course I get the red line and have to render it. And if I apply a slightly different color correction to track 3, I get the red line and render that. These 3 tracks are being prepared to be nested into one for Multi-Cam. Each time I turn on or off the "eye" icon on the video tracks, I keep getting the red line over and over again which is telling me to re-render. For example I started with all "eye" icons on and add an effect to track 3. I render. I turn off its eye. I then apply an effect to track 2. Red line - render. Then I turn off its eye. And the only "eye" on is track one and it wants me to render that. So I do. Then I turn back on the "eye" on video track 2, and it wants me render again! Then I turn back on the "eye" on track 3 and it wants me to render again... but I have already rendered tracks 3 and 2 on the way down (turning the eyes off) and now it wants me to render them each again on the way up (turning the "eyes" back on). All I want to do is make sure that when I nest the sequence into a new one for multi-cam, that all the prior required rendering is done. But it seems to be a never-ending process if I turn the "eyes" on or off on the mother sequence.

      Can somebody help straighten me out?


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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          Finish all of your cuts first, then add transitions and effects.
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            Level 1
            If you want to go back to a previous render, then simply undo until you get there. The eyes arent intelligent enough to know if something has already been rendered on that track.

            Rendering will never be done. Edit your sequence, then apply color corrrection to the parent clips afterwards, and you wont have to deal with trying to edit with effects on your clips. Alternatively, if you must have color correction applied beforehand, then just do that, create and intermediate CC'd version, and edit with those. Also, if you have production suite, you can use dynamic link to CC in AE and edit in PP, though i believe there is still some transparent rendering involved here.
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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Instead of putting the 3 cams in one timeline, put each cam in its own timeline. Apply the color correction there, but not till after you do the multicam edit. Put the individual sequences into the multicam source sequence. You don't have to render in the individual timeline; only the multicam out sequence. This has worked for me before.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                What would be the benefit of putting each original clip into a separate sequence rather than one?
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                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  I think I was reacting to his focus on trying to view separate tracks. There is no benefit of separating the sequences. There should also be no problem (and make it a bit easier to view without changing track visibility). I don't remember why I used it this way in the past; I would not now.