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    BLACK LINES accross Program window image on playback only

    fredou_79 Level 1
      I was editing tonigh with CS3 and CS4 open and working well, then I opened a project file to check something and when I playedback timeline I saw black line passing by my image with colorama lines weaved into them a bit like film scratches. It was just at first top 1/3 of screen but when I closed it to open another that one had them all over the image.

      The project always worked fantastic, never saw that bug before.

      The specs:

      CFHD project with AspectHD v.5 last build
      Windows Vista x64 Ultimate
      Dual monitor with Ultramon
      AMD Athlon x2 6400+
      ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
      NVIDIA QUADRO FX 1500 (last driver)
      8 GB RAM 800Mgz ECC
      cooling system is ok
      footage on 2 raids O HD (500 + 960 GB)