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    Audio Glitch with Premiere CS3

      Right now, I am doing a project for my history class where I have to use a green-screen and chroma keying to create an "embedded" WWII new report, as if I'm live with the action. The problem is, whenever I import my video files, Premiere does not find any audio. Im using a Sony High Definition Handycam® Camcorder HDR-CX12, with MPEG2 encoding. I've tried importing the same clips to Pinnacle, and they work fine. Being a bit new to Premiere, is it default to take off the audio if you already have audio (theme music) on one track, or do I have to move the music so the program can have a Track 1 for all videos?
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          My guess would be that because the camera records Audio in DD 5.1 SS, you will need to copy the AC3 .dll file from Encore (I would have assumed that it would be available, since CS3 comes with Encore) to PrP. I have the exact .dll [ad2mcac3dec.dll] listed for PrP CS2, but the name is slightly different in CS3. There are many threads, with the exact and correct name listed. It should be an easy process to copy the file from Encore to PrP (as it was in CS2) and you *should* then get your Audio. I'd also assume that Pinnacle installs with a similar .dll to handle the DD 5.1 SS Audio.

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