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    How to make small change in old "finished" project

      I'm now working in PPCS3. I want to retitle, but no other changes, a project I did 2 years ago in PP2. I have the MPEG2 output of that project, but did not keep the source material and prproj file. I do have the background clip for the title. I could put the old MPEG2 on the timeline of a new project, overlay the new title material at 100 opacity and fade it to the original at its end. This would be easy to do, but would the bulk of the project suffer noticably from rerendering the already compressed MPEG2 material? I could do the title piece as a new project, but can't figure out how to chop off the front-end title seconds from the original MPEG2 to join it up with the new title segment. Are there any other options, and any advice on which way to go?