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    I'm in real trouble here

    scott mackenzie Level 1
      I'm in real trouble here.

      I have been working on a project for three weeks in CS3.

      It has to be ready for saturday.

      Now CS3 won't open on my computer!

      It starts to open for about 2seconds and then just disappears.

      I tried to open encore to see if I could get something from there and it stops opening with a

      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

      Runtime Error!

      This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact etc.

      RThis only happened today. Nothing ever like this before.

      Well its 11pm in scotland now and tech support is closed. I phoned the North America tech support and they would not talk to me because I was calling from Europe!

      So, is something corrupt? I can use system restore to yesterday but, I would lose most of my work from then. Is it worth a try?

      I don't have that computer on the net (because I didn't want any problems!) So, I can't use any of the net programs?

      please help! any ideas would be most welcome.

      thank you

      scot mackenzie