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    Premiere Pro CS3 crashes when connecting Canon HV20

      I bought a new Canon HV20 camera for some video work and I've recorded a few minutes of video in the DV standard format. Reading the owners manual it recommends setting the play/out on the camera to DV. The necessary drivers for the camera are installed on my WinXP system and when I connect via firewire XP will prompt to ask me what program I'd like to use to edit video with. I select Premiere Pro CS3 and it launches. Creating a new project for DV NSTC standard 48KHz.

      Now when I go to the capture window it's a black screen. As soon as I hit the play button in the capture window on the PC it will start playing the video on the camera but then my computer freezes. The capture window only shows a blue screen, not the video that's being played on the camera's LCD screen.

      So I have a couple of questions I was hoping some of you could answer:
      1) Is this a known problem with this camera?
      2) Are there new drivers for the camera that I can download?
      3) Am I doing anything wrong?

      It's also worth noting that if I use Windows Movie Maker it will freeze as well forcing me to restart my system.

      Thanks in advance,