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    Debug unknow error message followed by shut down when attempting to render nested timeline

    fredou_79 Level 1
      My specs:

      AMD64 x2 Athlon 4600+
      ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
      2 RAID 0 hard drive (1 TB and one 500 GB) SATA2
      1 SATA2 C: drive of 160 GB
      4 GB of DDR2 RAM
      Dual Monitors (with Ultramon)
      Windows XP Pro
      Premiere Pro CS3 using AspectHd v5.0 build 88

      My PP3 gives me an unkonwn error message in a debug window everytime I try to render my timeline that has one 2 seconds clip of another nested sequence...!?!
      It occurs at about a fifth of the 1st of 2 audio preview render that it has to do.

      I usualy did have problem rendering file with PP2 cause of Premiere's system memory bug, but never I've add trouble before in PP3...until well now.

      The project in which this problem occurs is about 1 TB of footage in AspectHD Low HD; there's 37 tape captured in batch and recomposed on a different sequence for each tape to compensate for the lost of timecode when digitazing with CINEFORM (so 37 nested time line).

      I use those nested timelines as if I was picking shots from a huge clip that captured the whole tape.

      Of course Premiere ask me the render the sequences nested in addition to the main one in which I edit footage...

      I'm currently editing a trailer and wanted to render 2 clip that were sampled from 2 different sequences, but PP3 has the bug windows at 10,51% and closes. The text in the debug window is that "Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry about..."

      What is the problem? Anybody experiencing that bug also?

      I just had the same debug message while editing and after my computer started to lag; I couldn't see JPEG in the timeline exect when it was playing, it was dark if I tried to scroll or just stayed on a particular frame; then my timeline played jumpy with jerk and freezes then I had that debug message and PP3 has shut down.