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    fredou_79 Level 1

      I have a project file in CINEFORM format that I'd like to offline for my assistant editor who'S gonna be working in a DV NTSC compressed format since he doesn't have CINEFORM installed.

      I got 3 problems regarding the HOW to do it...:

      1st : Can I just open a CINEFORM timeline in a DV NTSC project and have it be converted for the project to relink media on the imported timeline without problem regarding compression in the new project?

      2nd : I've noticed that the file converted for offline have beeen made in stereo as in the originals, but in the EDL test I've tried, PP3 refused to relink media because of the stereo/mono difference...?!? :( Is there a way around that to avoid having to re-encode all the footage?

      3rd : The 16x9 file have been converted to low res 480x360 (1.333) files. But I can't manage to open a project file that won't make me always render my footage since I can only open it in 720x480 (1.2) format... How can I circumvent this too?

      Thank you.