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    Moving avi. files from default destination

      In what can only be described as a brain fade, i moved all avi files from the default destination they are saved into once captured (in Program Files) to a new location in My Documents. I may have even moved the Premiere Pro folder in Program Files into an Adobe folder with all other Adobe applications in an attempt to organise the folders efficiently. Obviously now when i open my project, the avi files that were in the timeline of my project are missing and have been replaced by a red background with foreign language characters as i am prompted to find the new location of each file. I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 and Windows XP. How can i restore the folders and files within them to their original configuration if i can't remember what it was? Is there a standard configuration or should i try re-installing the program and then moving the files back into their original location? Or do i have to show the program the new location of each file individually(there are well over 1000) to correct my mistake? Any advice would be much appreciated..
      Many thanks,