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    FCP HD to Premiere Pro CS3

      I have roughly 1TB of HD footage (shot with HDX900 DVCPRO) stored in an external Maxtor hard drive. It was partially edited in Final Cut Pro.

      I need to take the footage and create a new edit, (possibly based on the one in FCP.) I have Premiere Pro (not CS3), and wondered if Premiere CS3 could:

      1. Handle the files during the platform switch
      2. If so, if it would be an involved process (switching platforms)

      I also wondered what type of processing/memory/video card/overall system I'd need to handle this giant project. I'm very ignorant in regard to techie speak, so the underlying question: Should I just rent a pro system somewhere for a few months to edit the film, or buy a PC setup that would work. Money is very tight!

      Thank you!