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    Greyed out "remove 24p pulldown"

      I've shot using the Sony V1U 24pA option, but when capturing into PPro and going into the "interpret footage" option for the clip, the button to remove the 24p pulldown is greyed out. Do I need another plug-in or does PPro have this feature inbedded?

      I've tried to do it in PPros preset project DV24p, HDV 1080 60i, HDV 1080p, and a personalized 1080p 24p and the button is still greyed out.

      I guess a better question would be how do I remove 24pA pulldown from a 1080 so I can edit at true 24p?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          About 3:2 and 24Pa pulldown


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            I've read that link and it only explains what a 3:2 pulldown is. It it mentions that PPro supports 24pA which is why I decided to go with PPro. But my question is is how do I remove the 24pA (2:3:3:2 advance pulldown) from my footages within PPro if possible. Based on the software help it instructs to go to the "interpret footage" option and check "remove 24p pulldown" but I don't understand why its greyed out for me. Does anyone know the answer to this?
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              One possibility is because Premiere's 24P abilities are designed around the Panasonic 24P format for DV. Other cameras sort of "fake" their progressive modes, which gets even more complicated when using interframe compression.
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                It just occurred to me that the "interpret footage" option with the "remove 24p pulldown" checkbox refers to removing THE 24p pulldown play of footages already at 24p, not removing the actual pulldown (either 3:2 or 2:3:3:2) from the footage itself.

                So now the question remains, how do I remove pulldowns from footages of true 24pA???

                About Sony's V1U not being true 24p like the Panasonics, I don't think thats true. I mean, it does shoot at 24pA, so that must mean something. (I'm new to the video game. So please dont take this as a come back. I'm just trying to learn and want input)And based on this


                it captures at 24p but converts to the standard 29.97 for viewing on TV's. I chose the Sony because I didn't like the cost of the P2 Cards of Panasonics.
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                  That article shows that it does record 24p but not
                  i true
                  24pn (PN meaning a native progressive chip). If it was true it would have 24 progressive frames.

                  The camera records 24p using a 2:3 pulldown to create a 60i that makes it easy to edit. I am not sure if Premiere is able to remove the 2:3 pulldown to give the original 24p to workwith.

                  I have just been reading about Cineform and their HD Link tool does the 2:3 pulldown.
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    I would suggest just editing in a standard HDV preset.