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    Rolling Titles + Time Remapping = Lost Hair?

      Has anybody had luck with time remapping rolling titles? I'm thinking it's a baaad mix.

      I've got a lovely 10 second rolling title. I want to freeze one of the frames for 2 seconds, creating a 12 second title. With a normal video clip, this is easy in CS3: Time Remapping, ctrl-click the frame to freeze, ctrl-alt-drag the right half of the keyframe to the right, boom I'm done.

      But try this with a rolling title, and look out. The net result is that the frame frozen is one much earlier than expected, it stays frozen for 2 seconds, and then the title continues to roll but the clip ends before displaying all of its content. Trying to adjust the key frames or move the clip endpoint around just compounds the misery and utter unpredictability. WTF???

      What's the best way for me to accomplish this? Should I just encode the title as an AVI and then re-import it? Is this a job for AE?