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    Why did they take away clip?

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      Can someone please tell me why the clip effect is missing from CS3. I have so many uses for that effect only some can be duplicated with other effects.

      I have found that to make a white border like a snapshot I can use Camera View but if I want only less than all four sides to have a border is there another way I can do this (without the complication of titles and creating new sequences). It was such a useful effect... why would they omit it?
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          I can not read the minds of the Adobe engineers or Marketing people. Nesting a sequence is not much more trouble than applying an effect.

          If you are creating a PIP, then a nested sequence is probably your solution. If you are not nesting, scale and crop, then put a white matte under it.

          This is not a great place for asking questions that have no answers outside of internal Adobe decisions. This is, however, a great place to get workarounds.