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    Experience with hosting...

    (frustrated_one) Level 1

      Im looking at adding streaming videos to my site, and was a little unsure of where to start (with regards to companies).

      Has anyone had any good, or bad experiences with companies who claim to be able to host videos for ondemand streaming?
      *I know its not directly related to CS3, but I know some of you guys will have knowledge in this area.

      Probably best to say im in the UK...


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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Do you really want to stream using streaming software, or do you just want to put videos up so that people can play them?
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            (Jon_Sands) Level 1
            if your going for the latter, you can export an flv out of premiere cs3 using adobe media encoder, then open the flv with Flash, it can automatically publish an html, or swf to play it. looks like this - (you can change the playbar) - http://fohdeesha.com/data/video/str/

            Ive found that doing this, It can stream, the flv file being half the bitrate of a similar h264 encoded file, and the quality is far better.

            you can just stick it on your own site and not have to deal with other companies or sites.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I use InMotion hosting for my entire web site, including streaming video. Very reasonable prices.
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                (frustrated_one) Level 1
                Cheers for your replies.

                I think Im going to have a few hours worth of video with up to a thousand viewers simultaneously, and I don't think our server will be able to cope with that amount of traffic.

                ...sorry, looking back at my original question it was a little concise.

                I can export my movies well enough and are looking fine, Im really looking for actual video hosting companies who I can upload my videos to and they will give me a link which I can then embed into my site.

                Jim - Thanks I'll look into InMotion...cheers.

                Thanks all

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                  (Jon_Sands) Level 1

                  google video?
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                    (frustrated_one) Level 1
                    I don't really want youtube or google plastered all over the skin to be honest.

                    I don't mind paying for it, as long as the player is blank or i can rebrand it.

                    Jim - InMotion seems to be a company based in the US, and I would rather deal with a company in the UK.
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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      Start Googling. That's what I did.
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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        You really didn't specify true streaming (more expensive) or HTML which will allow downloads, and usually will allow playback to begin before the entire file is downloaded.

                        I use the second option.

                        I just signed up for a new site with a host that has some pretty hefty bandwidth allowances as well as storage. 300GB storage and 3TB of bandwidth monthly for as low as $7.95
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                          Level 1
                          We use AudioVideoWeb.com They are a video streaming company and have a great administrative back end that allows you to do everything yourself. They are very inexpensive for a company that has true streaming servers.
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                            (frustrated_one) Level 1
                            Cheers guys,

                            I have found a few googled places but some say they have to encode the files themselves, which can take a day or two. Im pretty capapble of compressing the files myself, so id rather not have to rely on them...

                            AudioVideoWeb sounds promising, we don't really mind paying a bit more for somewhere that's got a reputable service.


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                              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                              You still have not said that you specifically want a streaming server. If you just want videos on a web page, that is not the only solution.

                              Do you have a site you admire? If we knew that, we could advise you better.
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                                Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                Steven; Im sorry to say your new host has to fall into the "too good to be true" category. If you read the terms, this "3TB bandwidth" is probably for "normal web use" or some other legal wording which actually means they will pull the plug if you use any real bw. Ive researched hundreds of hosts and found this always to be true on these shared hosting accounts. No shared hosting account really guarantees that kind of bw.

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                                  (frustrated_one) Level 1
                                  Yeah, we already have a server which probably won't cope with the demand we are hoping for.

                                  We will have an archive of up to 500(ish) video clips from 1-30 mins. We will have 2000 users who will need access to these videos at any time.

                                  In my understanding, the amount of video we have would need a much larger bandwidth than we are capable of hosting ourselves. thus the need for an external host to manage it for us. said videos would need to be played in our site on demand which would need to be played as soon as the link was clicked.

                                  you said there are more than one possibility...

                                  www.method.tv has the ability to host many videos.
                                  We would like something similar without the popup, we would like the video to play embeded in the page.

                                  I hope i am making myself clear!
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                                    Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                    Are you looking for a turn key service to provide the ui, hosting and bw for your videos; where you just upload the video and are done?

                                    Or, are you looking for a host/isp where you can manage the website and videos yourself?

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                                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                      You could be right. I haven't stressed it yet. I suppose I could. It would take a while to upload enough footage, and then download it again. 3TB is one heck of a lot of downloading! Maybe I could get a bunch of people from this forum to download 1G or more each?

                                      I never personally planned to stress the bandwidth. I just needed more storage, not much more bandwidth. So my guess is that I would be a flea on their system, not an elephant.
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                                        Level 1

                                        If Steven purchased from iPowerWeb, I can tell you that they are legit. I have been working on a project and my client-access portion utilized 2tb transfer in a month. No problems at all.

                                        - Aanarav
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                                          Curt Wrigley Level 4

                                          If you believe that, I have some swamp ground for sale.

                                          They may be a "legit host" but for $7.95 a month it is a shared host with dozens if not more customers on the same server. They will shut you off, or throttle you back whenever they please. Their terms are like all shared hosts and there is verbiage disallowing "excessive bw". They may allow a cumulative amount of bw up to 3T, but get a couple hundred people downloading videos at the same time, they will shut you off. They would rather shut you off and have you scream, than have the 30 other customers on the same server screaming.

                                          Its a shared host; thats all you need to know. They work great for low bw or low volume sites.