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    No audio with my video

      I am a novice who just bought this software and for weeks I have been trying to resolve the problem of importing my video into PR Pro, but there is no audio with my video. I get this great video with no sound. I called technical support who indicated that I had to use .avi instead of .mpeg, so I purchased software to convert my videos to .avi but still have the same problem. I can't even get started using PR Pro and cannot get proper technical help when I call Adobe.

      I am using a Sony DCR-DVD108 camcorder which does not have a firewire connection, so I import the files to PR from my documents folder on my computer. I have no problem using Windows Media Movie maker (free software)and my videos come out fine. I paid big bucks for PR Pro CS3,yet I cannot use it. Can someone please put me on the right path so I can start using Premiere!!!!! Thanks so much. Lenora
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          In general, the problem is combining a consumer camera with a professional editor. Using a consumer editor, like Windows Movie Maker, works fine. For Premiere Pro, the best solution is to get rid of that camera and pick up a MiniDV camera.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            You don't say what software you purchased, but it should have the ability to export to DV AVI Type2 or you wasted your money.
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              neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Sad to say, Jim is correct here.
              This type of camera outputs to DVD, and is not suitable for editing from. Best workaround I can think of is to drag into Windows Movie Maker, as you already are - and export from here as a DV AVI file that will be acceptable to Premiere
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                Windows Movie Maker creates Type 1 files, Premiere prefers Type 2 files.
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                  I bought PR Pro CS3 software and I am using a Sony miniDV camera (uses a miniDVD-RW disk)but it does not have a firewire connection that I can use to capture directly from PR. What is the difference between a Type 1 file and a Type 2 file? How do I export a DV AVI from WMM to Premiere? Do I simply open my WMM and try to export from here to Premiere? Thanks for trying to help this novice...I am really frustrated in not being able to use Premiere. I have close to 100 video clips of my class reunion that I am trying to professionally edit to put on a DVD for classmates.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    >a Sony miniDV camera (uses a miniDVD-RW disk)

                    That is a contradiction in terms. If it records to DVD, it's not MiniDV, it's MPEG. Which poses problems if you want to edit your footage.

                    For now, edit with Premiere Elements and take this as a lesson learned. To use Premiere Pro, a MiniDV camera is the best choice.
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                      Yep, a lesson learned too late. I just called Sony to try to trade in my miniDVD for a miniDV. I will have to purchase Premiere elements in order to edit my present videos...I have to learn how to use this software now. Thanks for your help.
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                        One work around would be to get an anolog to digital converter(a capture card is an example). Or a dvd with firewire output.
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                          I too can only import the video portion of MPEG into CS3. No audio. If CS3 is a professional editor it seems odd to not import the audio track especially since Premier 2.0 does. Hate to say it but sounds like a downgrade to me.
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                            I agree with Kevin...why would the older editor do more than the CS3? I have wasted a lot of money for a professional editor and now have to buy a camcorder that works with CS3 editor. I tried to find a Sony miniDVD camcorder with a firewire output but the miniDV HCR96 is the only one that has such. I am still researching miniDVs to learn more about them. For now, I have to use Adobe Premiere Elements to try to process the numerous video clips I took of my high school reunion. Again, appreciate all who have tried to help me with my "learning the lessons" the hard/expensive way! Lenora
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                              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                              Some notes I've saved from past discussions about divx/mpeg editing

                              While you may WANT Premiere to edit your divx/mpeg file... there have been dozens-to-hundreds of messages discussing problems, so Premiere clearly is not designed for that type of file

                              You are an artist - You paint on a canvas

                              It is a FLAT canvas where you may see and paint everything

                              That is similar to Premiere with a DV AVI type 2 file... it may see and paint (edit) everything

                              1-Now, read here to see Why NOT to try and edit an MPEG

                              Your canvas is now "fan folded" like the expanding part of an accordian

                              You may now only see the edges of the folds - You may NOT see inside the folds

                              You are now trying to paint a full picture based only on being able to see those edges

                              That is similar to Premiere with any variety of SD (StandardDef) file compressed into an MPEG (HD "HiDef" is different, with it's own set of issues and problems)

                              2-Trying to use Premiere for DVD-MPEG file editing

                              3-Edit MPEG with Premiere Elements or WOMBLE or direct from DVD with Movie Edit Pro

                              4-Trying to use Premiere for DIVX-WMV file editing - Do NOTE that a DIVX file that ends with AVI is not the type of AVI that will edit in Premiere... any program may put AVI on the end of the file, but that does NOT mean it will edit in Premiere - so remember that Mpeg (Divx/Xvid is a version of mpeg) is an OUTPUT format

                              5-Since Premiere does not like to edit compressed files (this seems to vary, depending on exactly what else is installed on the computer) you should not try to use MP3 or MPEG or DIVX (a type of mpeg-4) or JPG file types as edit files (convert MP3 to WAV at 48kHz, or 44.1kHz if that meets the needs and settings of your project, and convert JPG to TIF or PSD, and finally convert MPEG or DIVX to DV AVI TYPE II for editing)

                              6-And, a list of MPEG tools at VideoHelp... but do be aware that converting a file designed for output back to a file that Premiere will edit is very likely going to result in some quality loss

                              7-More on the general subject... as Jim Simon says Quicktime (or, I add, AVI) is a container which may contain many flavors of video... only some of which are designed for editing... which means that your COMPRESSED file inside that container is simply not going to edit very well

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                                John, thanks for your last post. It has cleared up a great many issues. I should have done more research on video formats before getting a dvcam.