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    How to fade a title in and out?


      I don't find how to fade a title superposing a clip in and out.

      Thanks for all hints

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          This is such a basic question, so excuse to when I say
          b RTFM

          Did you consider getting some lessons in editing, did you read the manual or the help file? Did you look for opacity?
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            Level 1
            I know...
            but in the helpfile I didn't find the response to my question.

            You said "opacity"...ok I'll go to that direction


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              Alooha-- Here's a very simple method that may not be in the help file, and you won't find it when searching for opacity:

              When you apply your title, apply a "cross dissolve" transition from the Video Transition > Dissolve folder (found in the Effects panel.) Hold down the ctrl key, and drag the cross dissolve transition to the front of the title. Then do the same thing and drag another cross dissolve to the end of the title.

              Harm-- if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                I think Harm was right.
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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5
                  We've been down this road before, and I think the best solution is to not post a response at all unless you want to link to the wiki or the Live Docs with a relevant topic.

                  I've been trying to simply ignore basic questions that I don't want to take the time to answer. It's very liberating - you should try it. :)

                  Now if the OP's question gets ignored and then they cop an attitude about how no one is helping them or how the forum sucks, then all bets are off as far as I'm concerned.

                  Nothing personal - just my $0.02
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                    Eddie Lotter Level 4

                    Speaking of which, you will also find links to many free tutorials in the Premiere Pro Wiki that will quickly show you how things are done in PPro. :)


                    Forum FAQ
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                    - Over 250 frequently answered questions
                    - Over 100 free tutorials
                    - Maintained by editors like you
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                      No offense Alooha - but the last thing you want to do is buy CS3 and start trying to edit a project!

                      Your question is one of the most basic to editing. Please read the help file "F1" and look at the tutorial. There are also some very good video tutorials on how to get started with CS3 for free - on-line.

                      quote: "I didn't find the response to my question"... The issue is that you did not give yourself the opportunity to "learn" about the product before you ventured into it. How would even know what to ask help for if you don't know what your doing?

                      I also think Harm is right although he could of used a little more tact. Also Eddie's posting of links to on-line tutorials is a good idea for people with basic questions.

                      I'm sorry, but I will not give you the answer... you'll have to read and learn the basics of the product first.

                      The people on this forum are most generous and helpful, but I think you will find that they will be more apt to help you - if you help yourself first! :)

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                        Video Junky
                        Related to this question but not basic, from what i can tell, is how do you make a transition only applyu to certain areas? Let's say i have a title that is a lower third and i want to swirl it out of the way. When i apply the swirl transition, it applies to the entire title and there is no way, from what i can tell, to scale the transition or move it to the area i need.
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                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                          Use separate titles. I generally create the entire title, then make a copy. From there I can delete items on one that I want only on the other and vice versa.
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                            No offense Steven, you're being very generious...

                            but this is just another basic question from someone that does not want to give a seconds worth of thought to the issue.

                            Anyone who wants different areas of a title page to perform different effects and can't figure out that they can just create or separate the different areas as or into separate title pages - should not be editing! They should be trying things out on their own and/or reading or viewing tutorials.

                            I've spent at least minutes and more often hours; tinkering in PP, viewing tutorials, searching forums and reading the manual and help files before asking a question.

                            These people are just being lazy and are taking advantage of the generosity and knowledge of others on this forum to do their thinking for them.

                            This is like asking - how do I give one pencil to two people.

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                              Video Junky Level 1
                              Thanks Nelson and Steven but i Have given it thought and i have tried many different things and i AM an experienced editor. I don't think you understand what i am trying to do.

                              Let's take it away from a title and just go to a video clip. Say i scale the video clip to 50% and position this clip in the upper right corner. I then want a transition to be applied to the 50% clip but i want it to loop like that clip is 100% when the transition is applied. In other words, when a transition is applied, it effects the entire video frame (tv screen) when what i really want is for the transition to only apply to the 50% clip. If i am doing a swirl, then i want the 50% clip to swirl by itself and NOT the entire frame with all the excess black. Does that make more sense.
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                                Level 1

                                I understand what your saying.

                                First of all, what your doing a called a video effect not a transition. A transition is applied between two clips. The only "Swirl" in PP is a transition.

                                What you are refering to is the alpha key and, in a product like Boris Red, you must set the alpha key "on" in order to make the black "alpha" area transparent.

                                You must be using some third party plugin or are importing an image where you think the black area is an alpha channel but is not? Because i've only had problems with the black area (alpha channel) when using third party plugins like Boris FX or RED. With Boris, the alpha channel only works with effects not transitions. So if you have a scaled Boris transition between two clips or images overlayed above some background in PP, the background will not show through. If you've imported an image into PP with black areas that you want to be transparent, then you have to apply a key to remove the black or use an image format like ".PNG" - it includes the alpha channel.

                                If you have a PP titler page or clip and are using just PP effects and transitions, there should be no alpha channel problem no matter how you scale or manipulate the object, even if they are all in the same sequence and on top of each other. The only time you will encounter this problem is when you import a clip or image with black areas, as opposed to an alpha channel, that you want to make transparent.

                                So... If this a problem using third party effects plugins then i offer my apologise since they don't always function properly with respect to alpha channels. Otherwise, for an experienced editor, you need to read up on alpha channels and keying. :)

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                                  Jeff Bellune Level 5
                                  You put the 50% clip (at 100%) in a new sequence, and apply the transition there.

                                  Then nest the new sequence in the original sequence on a super track and scale the nested sequence.
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                                    Video Junky Level 1
                                    That is a pain in the rump but i understand. thanks for the tip.

                                    Nelson, i am using a transition and this isn't really an alpha key problem but thanks for the tips anyhow. What Jeff said will work for me.

                                    Thanks for the quick responses everyone.
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                                      Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                      > No offense Steven, you're being very generious...

                                      Isnt that the point of a forum? What do you want to do; initiate a test to see if people qualify before posting. Geez. I thought the purpose was to help people. If you dont want to help; cant you just be quiet instead of rude?

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                                        Level 1

                                        Yup I could be quiet but I would prefer to encourage users with basic questions to experiment, search, read and view tutorials before asking - Take the time to learn. I normally don't respond to basic questions - especially when I see Eddie's usual response and link to the Premiere Pro Wiki. :)

                                        I enjoy helping users as I appreciate being helped, but I enjoy helping those more that have shown that they have helped themselves first.

                                        However, My apologise to those who think I'm being rude.

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                                          Level 1

                                          Ok, i'm a little confused.

                                          If its not a keying or alpha channel problem and you would like to make me look like an idiot for being sooo rude (and you have the time)...

                                          Could you describe or email me an example of what the problem was so i can recreate it. :)

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                                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                            Maybe I can help.

                                            Stack 2 clips in a sequence.

                                            Scale the top clip to 50% and move it to the upper right corner.

                                            Apply the swirl transition (or almost any other) to the tail of the super clip. Render.

                                            Observe that the swirl tx works, but it behaves as if the super clip is scaled to 100%. It's like looking through a tiny 50% window at a full-frame tx.

                                            When you nest the clip/tx combo in a sequence and then scale the nested sequence in the master sequence, the tx is scaled properly with the clip.

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                                              Level 1

                                              Ok, i see what you mean. The transition does not scale along with the clip. That's normal since most PP transitions is not linked to the clip in any way other than keying. The transition is locked to full screen regardless of what you do to the clip.

                                              Actually, if you apply the swirl transition to the front of the super clip and manually scale that clip you can see the effect more clearly.

                                              All your doing by nesting the full screen version of the clip and transition in a sequence is creating a new clip. Obviously, scaling a sequence will scale anything within it including any effect or transition.

                                              The black area Troy must of seen was due to two clips on video track 1 with say... the swirl transition in between them. With the time line on the transition, scale the second clip down. You will see black because there is nothing below video track 1 so PP puts black their.

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                                                Michelmnr Level 1
                                                I too, like the cross disolve at each end of the title, I even found that with stills you lenghten the two transition and cover the still pic. till the two transition touch each other over it, if you're keen you add zoom and motion and you can have all kind of things happening then!
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                                                  Michelmnr Level 1
                                                  I have been through this thread once more remembering how it feels when you're stuck and may ask what seems silly and basic operation to some. I have also posted my feelings in this regard.
                                                  Thanx Curt for your view on this. As for Nelson (and those who feel the same as he does) , perhaps you should put as much effort in your desire to encourage others as you say you put in working out some editing problems you might find the best encouragement there is is to make someone feel good about oneself. I don't think anyone is able to know wether one is lazy or has lots of difficulties to handle the job ahead. In all honesty I personally don't think I should be bothering with editing as my understanding of the whole process is so shallow that I'm struggling for ever with most deeper technical aspects of this field. But for some unknown reasons I'm hooked on it and love it dearly. I'm sure more appreciation is derived from such forum than a feeling of an easy way out.
                                                  Perhaps all this would be better in the lounge room, but here is my quote for the day :)
                                                  "Some of us don't drive because we only have jets and limousines, some others can only handle tricycle because bicycle riding is beyond our ability, yet it may just be a strugle for all to get where we want to arrive."
                                                  Cheers Michel
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                                                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                                                    If one needs a tricycle, there is always Premiere Elements, or even the free Windows Movie Maker.

                                                    Just keep in mind you can't race the Tour de France riding a tricycle, so it's best not to even enter the competition.
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                                                      Level 1
                                                      >Just keep in mind you can't race the Tour de France riding a tricycle, so it's best not to even enter the competition.

                                                      So you go out and buy a bicycle because you want to go fast and eventually compete. However, the concept of handle-bar brakes is foreign to you, so you ask a friend who owns a bicycle for help. Your friend forgot what it is like to be new to a bicycle. Does he help you?
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                                                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                                                        You should read the bike's instructions before you get on, other wise not being able to brake, you'll crash. And yes, there comes a time when you need to just let the rider crash. You can't walk alongside them forever.

                                                        Again, as the author of instruction manuals, I'm surprised you argue with that concept.
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                                                          Level 1
                                                          As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, one can always expect a rude and arrogant response from at least 2 or 3 regular 'contributers' on this forum if - god forbid - the poor poster makes a slip, leaves out a detail, or ***gasp*** even worse, has the unforgivable nerve to post a question before spending hours reading through the very poorly written Adobe manuals.

                                                          And then these same 2 or 3 stand up for each other! Why does my mind's eye keep envisioning King Farquad every time I see your posts?

                                                          Get over yourselves fellas... you know who you are and so do we...
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                                                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                                                            >poorly written Adobe manuals.

                                                            That's a matter of viewpoint, and one which I do not share if study is done in the correct manner - which is first getting a proper education in video production, second going through from beginning to end with the program open in front of you, and third looking up any words you don't fully understand.

                                                            Leave out any point, and it's no wonder one feels the manuals are inadequate. It is, however, the manner in which the manuals are used that is actually inadequate.

                                                            So there are three choices here. Read a book, hire a professional, or go fishing.
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                                                              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                                                              >King Farquad

                                                              That's funny!

                                                              The real answer for Troy is certainly "Nested Sequences" and I don't see any harm in answering a basic question. Generosity is not the issue.

                                                              I would like to see a "Editing Basics" section, but that didn't really work on the Cow, and I doubt it would actually work here.

                                                              If I could wave my magic wand and have PC issues in one forum, Mac in another, Complaints in another, and editing tricks and tips in another, that would be great. Maybe even more sections would be better. But then all that would happen is that some people would spend all day complaining about which forum things belong in. So I just answer the ones I feel like answering. No matter how simple, or where they get posted.

                                                              There are very few people around here who have been around longer than I have, and anyone newer can keep their opinions about which ones I answer, and which ones I don't all to themselves. I don't really want to hear it. If KingLeonard, JerryK, cwrig or Jeff Bellune give me grief, then I will listen carefully and fully weigh their comments. Other than that, I will do as I please.

                                                              As stated elsewhere, if you don't want to answer, don't answer. But leave well enough alone please.
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                                                                Video Junky Level 1
                                                                WOW, Gentlemen,
                                                                I think this is getting blown way out of context here.
                                                                A forum is for posting Q&A. Maybe there could be a beginner/expert forum but all in all, even an expert can benefit from a beginner. I have always felt that in order to learn something better, i should teach it so by the expert answering a question, basic or not, they not only help the questioner but may even help themselves by saying "Gee i explained that in a different way and therefore learned something new myself."

                                                                Forums are good for everyone it is takes all kinds of questions and answers to make a good forum. I am by no means a rookie to editing but there are times i don't know how to get around to do what i need to do. This is why manuals and forums exist.

                                                                If you have ever been somewhere and thought, i know i have been here but can't remember how to do this, to me a forum can help.

                                                                Any way you look at it, it becomes a win/win for everyone.

                                                                I think by bantering back and forth sometimes we degrade ourselves to a 3rd grade level rather than just taking it for what it is. Let's try and keep this forum as professional yet comfortable as we can, shall we.

                                                                Thanks for all the great responses.
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                                                                  Michelmnr Level 1
                                                                  Ha,ha ha or should I say "ah ah ah", I'm surprised that no one complained yet about ruining this thread, but perhaps it's a good "transition"
                                                                  Anyway I thought it was well established that it's an acceptable human behaviour to read instruction manuals only when everything else has failed:)
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                                                                    Michelmnr Level 1
                                                                    I don't know why I missed the post above mine (#28)when I wrote mine - Yes Troy let's opt for a win win for everyone.
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                                                                      >That's a matter of viewpoint, and one which I do not share if study is done in the correct manner -

                                                                      There is no 'correct manner' when it comes to learning. Everyone learns in different ways. I personally am more of a hands-on trial and error learner, with a splash of visual aids such as tutorials.

                                                                      I agree with Jackie: to me, the manuals are poorly written. If you want to know where a function is, great, use the manual. If you have any specific questions about how to mix and/or apply effects, you could ask others and get more specific and personal guidance. Wouldn't that be a great thing to do IN A USER TO USER FORUM???